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F.R. David is an unusual artist who experienced different kinds of music.
Singer, composer, arranger, producer, he uses the formula of his friend
RAY CHARLES : "There are two kinds of music: the good one and the other...". 

He started as a bass player with rock bands and later as a singer. The album "Earth" with VANGELIS (at the beginning of 70's) was one of the best experiments in the psychedelic era and other greats such as SOFT MACHINE.

Rather than staying in French musical spheres in which F.R. David excelled immediately, he was looking for wider horizon and went in 1974 to America as a singer of LES VARIATIONS, the only french rock band known in U.S. with one year tour (opening for huge bands like AEROSMITH and much more in stadiums) while recording a Rock & Roll album "Cafe of Paris" with Buddah records.

The rest of the decade, F.R. David lived in New York. The N°1 rock manager David Krebbs signed F.R.David. He improved his already matured talent with the "Greats" between New York and L.A. such as MICHAEL KAMEN, STEELY DAN, TOTO, using of course the very best and legendary studios.

Fed by these unique experiences, F.R. David decided to go back home to Paris. In 1982 he started working immediately and then delivered a world hit: WORDS. This song remained N°1 all across Europe during seventeen weeks and at the top of the charts all around the world.

Other titles followed successfully : SAHARA NIGHTPICK UP THE PHONE, GIRL YOU'RE MY SONG, I NEED YOU… BOB SINCLAR & ALAIN WISNIAK led him into yet new field. Together they recorded two singles.

In the 20's, he released two albums NUMBERS and MIDNIGHT DRIVE and the singles YOUR LOVE SHINES, PARIS IS HER HOME, TIME IS NOT MINE.

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